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Assembly Cost

NOTE: The following price structure applies to those who wish to schedule assemblies. The below cost
               does not apply to those scheduling a full blown Break the Grey event. 


assembly cost                                         
*2nd  assembly cost same day              $1,000
assembly cost same day              
*4th   assembly cost 2nd day $600
*5th   assembly cost 2nd day $400
*6th   assembly cost 2nd day $200

Example price for (3) school assemblies all in one day in Cleveland, OH

Total cost: $3,000  Price includes all travel cost.

Scheduling multiple assemblies will dramatically reduce the total assembly cost. When there are multiple assemblies being scheduled in one area, schools can share the cost of assemblies and benefit from the significant savings. For example, if there are 6 assemblies scheduled over 2-3 days, schools would save $3,000.

We strive to make every effort to partner with school administrators for assemblies to take place. Therefore, we will do our best to reasonably negotiate our assembly costs and schedule to impact the students.