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Middle & High School Assembly Information

"We live in a time when teens build walls to see who cares enough to tear them down."


Through school assemblies, concert, events, and internships, Break The Grey offers character development to this

generation. Break The Grey school assemblies are customized to fit within any timeline or location such as a gym

or auditorium. Our staff arrives at your school fully equipped; featuring multimedia screens, video segments, relevant

skits, quality sound, and skilled presentation speakers. Break The Grey has a national scope with a local relevance.


   Assembly Subjects:
  • Character Is A Choice
  • Suicide Is Not An Option
  • Poverty Doesn't Define You
  • Beauty Starts With A Heartbeat
  • The Bully And Insecurity
  • Life And Death Decisions
  • Save A Life Or Save A Friendship
  • Cyber Bullying & Sexting
  • Don't Harm Beauty: Self Harm/Cutting


BOOK NOW or send direct correspondence to Valerie Norton (Director of Operations) to Email: valbtg@aol.com

or Phone: 269-601-8785





"Break the Grey Assembly was a very timely piece for us with whats going on in the world. I would

recommend Break the Grey and Billy Ballenger to any school looking for an impactful message."

Principal Dennis Anothony: Harper Creek High School, Michigan



"Billy had a phenominal message for the kids, encouraging them to be champions. He challenged

          them to step up and help others. Our school needed this message today!"

Principal Wesley Mccrea: Bronson High School, Michigan

"I was so happy that our kids were able to hear the truth with an honest approach, thank you."

Principal Joe Thomas: Pennfield High School, Michigan

"I Love working with school administrators to bring a timely & effective school assembly."
Billy Ballenger: Co-Founder & President of Break the Grey