"Thanks for keepin it real."

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Middle & High School
Assembly Information
"We live in a time when teens build walls to see who cares enough to tear them down."


Through school assemblies, concert events and internships, Break The Grey offers character development

to this generation. Break The Grey school assemblies are customized to fit within any timeline or location

such as a gym or auditorium. Our staff arrives at your school fully equipped to present the assembly with

their own equipment. We feature multimedia screens, video segments relevant skits, quality sound and

skilled presentation speakers. Break The Grey, a non-profit organization, has a national scope with

a local relevance.


Assembly Subjects:
  • Character Is A Choice
  • Suicide Is Not An Option
  • Poverty Doesn't Define You
  • Beauty Starts With A Heartbeat
  • The Bully And Insecurity
  • Life And Death Decisions
  • Save A Life Or Save A Friendship
  • Cyber Bullying & Sexting
  • Don't Harm Beauty: Self Harm/Cutting


*All Middle School and High Schools Assemblies are 60 minutes (up to 90 minutes) in length.



"I Love working with school administrators to bring a timely & effective school assembly
that will best suit their student's needs."
Billy Ballenger: Co-Founder & President of Break the Grey


"Bar none the best assembly if you had to get the message across of doing little things right & how
one decision can affect the rest of your life. It's right on, couldn't ask for anything more.
Very, Very Pleased. They can come back year after year. "

Principal Craig Olson: Hayward Middle School, Wisconsin


"I felt your group sent an important message to our students. I was particularly impressed by your
ability to reach all of our students. Many times we have had groups or speakers come in and
they reach some of our students but miss many as well. Thank you."

Principal Bryan Rausch: Wapahani High School, Indiana