"Thanks for keepin it real."




 Jason Day

 "I loved meeting everyone and getting to   know everyone for who they are and not   their pasts, it was an extraordinary way to   make life-long friendships. I felt things I   never felt in my life such as, love, value,   equality. Everyone is treated with the up-   most respect from all Interns, Alumni, and   Pinterns. It's a great experience to be able   to get away from all the stress from home   and get a better understanding of God and   the amazing things in other people." 

 Zach Koning 

 "I loved the BTG weekend. The people   were great. The Activities we did in my   opinion helped me understand the   internship and what BTG does. Great mix   of fun and serious all in one!" 

 Jessica Jackson

"This past weekend was the best weekend   of my life! I got to spend it with some of   the  best   people I have ever met! You are   all family in my   heart now! Thank you   guys for everything! It was such a   blessing and I'm so thankful to God   for   all that he did for me and for you guys this   weekend!"


 Celina Miller

 "BTGW has honestly changed me into a   better  person!! I thought I Knew who God  .was, Jesus is, and who I am! But in reality,   I honestly didn't, not until BTGW! My faith   is stronger!! I'm relationship with God is   finally being developed!! Thank you so   much for everything!! I haven't felt this   amazing in so long!! I'm glad I had gotten   the courage to ask to talk out what was   bothering me!! After BTGW I felt free, I felt   happier!!"



 Sky Curtis

"Break the Grey is a welcoming enviroment   everyone is so happy, and you make new   friends! I have come to four Break the   Grey Weekends and I have loved each   one, I learned something new each time.   I  would recommend everyone come to a   weekend! If you want to see what the   intern life is like, or to just have a good   time. You will not regret it!" 

 Jeremiah Simmerman

 "I went to Break the Grey weekend and   experiened something that I could never   forget. The interns are not only a group of   people who you can talk to and feel   comfortable with. They don't judge and   they are the most loving people. I met new   people while I was there, and was able to   open up. We did a series of games and   competed and we all had fun whether we   won or lost. They had us do improv games   that were alot of fun. For anybody that has   ever thought of going I would BTG!"


 Cloey Wright

 "Break the Grey weekend was such a   amazing time. I've known about Break the   Grey for awhile and I've thought about   being a intern, but after going to BTGW I   realize how much I truly would love to be a   intern. From the moment I arrived I had a   amazing time. It was the most fun   weekend I've had in months. Not only did   it get me out of my comfort zone, but I   realized things about myself. I feel like in   one short weekend I grew as a person.   Overall growing to Break the Grey  weekend was better than anything else."

 Miranda Nose

 "I felt so called to Break the Grey, and       I applied and was accepted. However, I   wanted to try it out for myself, to see if this   was something I actually enjoyed before I   committed to nine months. I fell in love   with it, I loved the atmosphere, the   people, the house, the heart of the   mission and meeting people and   seeing their vision and seeing myself in it   was what sold me."


Tiffany Burdette

 "When I came to Break the Grey   Weekend, I was a little bit skeptical about   what I was  going to experience since I   thought I was going into a place full of   strangers, but I was very wrong. Every   person there treated me like a respected   individual and made me feel like I was a   part of a caring family.I fell in love with the   Break the Grey Interns, my fellow Break   the Grey Weekenders and with the   organization as a whole." 

 Adam Purcell

 "I have been to Break the Grey Weekend   multiple times and everytime I learn   something new about myself and also the   people in Break the Grey. Its a great   opportunity to learn more about this   organization and have fun while doing so."


 Caleb Wells 

 "Break the Grey weekend was one of the   most amazing things I've ever done in my   entire life. There was absolutely no   judgement and I felt as if I was at home,   and part of a loving family. I didnt need to   hide the crazy, goofy person I am. I could   be myself at Break the Grey." 



 Bailey Russell

 "When I went to my Break the Grey   weekend, I wasn't really sure what the   internship was all about. I wanted to   experience it for myself so I decided to go   to the weekend. I am so glad I did, I got to   know all the interns and see what the   internship was like. I liked how we all got   to know each other and did some fun   activities. I loved it when we went to   moose  lake and just had fun. It definitely   encouraged me to be an intern."



 Destanie Brown

 "Break the Grey Weekend is a once in a   lifetime opportunity. While I attended the   Weekend I learned how to follow   my dreams and my heart. Break the Grey   is super special, they are like a family!"


 Jacob Pierson

 "BTG Weekend was by far one of the   most incredible experiences of my life. I   came to  BTG Weekend having no idea if   this was a future I wanted to pursue.   However, after experiencing all the fun,   learning more about who I am, and   spending time with people I proudly call   family, I left that weekend knowing this is   where I was   supposed to be!" 



 Anna Pranger (Director of   Internship)

  "Break the Grey Weekend is an amazing   event, I have loved watching the interns   flourish in their leadership skills during   BTGW. I also love to see the pinterns   break out of their comfort zone, as they   enter into an atmoshphere of love and   excitement. We all love getting to know   each and every pintern that comes and   stays with us, and see their heart and   vision for life."



 Briana Richardson (Director   of Performing   Arts)

 "Getting to meet the Pinterns (Potential   Interns) and spend time getting to know   their hearts was so wonderful! 
 I think BTG Weekend is so important to   the  internship process and opening up   the  eyes of everyone involved into how   important community is! Everyone is   immediately welcoming. Throughout the   whole weekend we had bible studies,   played fun games, and everyone was able   to expand their comfort zones."